With the launch of Crunch Corn, we’re exploding outside of traditional popcorn for the very first time. We couldn’t be more excited to share our discovery with you.

After five years of striving for popped perfection, we find ourselves celebrating the power of crunch. It’s not popcorn as you know it and it’s certainly not a bag of un-popped kernels; it’s a nut-like crunch that’s totally new.

Meet Crunch Corn: the half-popped sibling of our signature snack.

We wanted to create a snack which packed as much of a punch in texture as it did in taste but our recipes are as important as ever. Just like our popcorn, Crunch Corn is made using 100% natural ingredients, is gluten free and suitable for vegans. It’s also allergen free, making it the perfect alternative to nuts.

A brand new texture but a few familiar flavours, the PROPERCORN team have created four delicious recipes with a crunch for every occasion. Let us know what you think of the lineup.

We hope you love it.


Rock Salt

Keeping it classic and championing the crunch, this flavour is simply sprinkled with pink himalayan rock salt. With more than 80 minerals, this salt variation from Pakistan, adds a little more sweetness and depth.

Salt & Pepper

Adding a bit of bite, this flavour is tossed with a mix of sea salt and cracked black pepper. The fresh pepper has less of a kick than chilli, leaving behind a warming level of spice.

Salt & Vinegar

A new type of crunch but a familiar flavour, this recipe combines a dash of sweet and fruity cider vinegar, with sprinkling of sea salt.

Sweet & Smoky Chilli

Combining a blend of chillies with a hint of smoked salt, this flavour builds to a subtle, sweet heat and surprises with a dash of lime.