On June 16th, we launched the Institute of Flavour – a month-long celebration of seasoning and taste, in pursuit of the nation’s top tastemaker. This person was to become the culinary creative behind a limited edition flavour hitting shelves this autumn.
After asking the nation what tickled their tastebuds, we learnt that people weren’t that interested in either the seasoning or provenance of their food. Rather than shying away from it, we decided to try and get people excited about the culinary creativity that goes into all the flavours we mix. The Institute of Flavour was born.

We aimed to get 2000 foodies engaged with the project, but after 4 weeks, we closed the competition with over 12,000 seasonings tossed, tumbled and finessed. While we were over the moon with our success, choosing 6 finalists was a tricky business.

With one winner already chosen from our pop-up flavour factory, we decided to pick a finalist from each region of the UK and Ireland. We then put it to our Facebook community to choose a winner. Dolce Pear & Gorgonzola, Coffee Banoffee, Garden Greens & Pesto, Twisted Honeycomb, Root & Ginger, and Paprika & Sweet Potato were all thrown into the mixer and for over a week, 16,000 people chose Ashling O’Carroll champion seasoning: Twisted Honeycomb.

We’re now busy in the kitchen, with Kitty (our resident foodie and flavour mastermind) and the rest of the team working hard to bring the perfected taste of Twisted Honeycomb to life. The limited edition flavour will be in stores soon, but be sure to keep checking our Facebook for updates.

Congratulations, Ashling!