Last week, we proudly launched the Institute of Flavour, our month long celebration of food and flavour. For a whirlwind three days we sniffed, sprinkled and shook our way through the wonderful world of seasoning, kick-starting our hunt for the nation’s top tastemaker.

Foraging through artichokes and chillies on the way into the flavour library, visitors to the Institute of Flavour pop-up were presented with 300,000 possible seasoning combinations. But Garden Pea & Jalapeno and Beetroot & Balsamic are just the beginning: there are still an incredible 298,000 flavour combinations to be created online, one of which will make it into the PROPERCORN collection.

For the last 5 years we have been experimenting with flavour in the PROPERCORN kitchen. This month, we have brought this quest for popped perfection to life through the Institute of Flavour, a virtual flavour factory where you can learn to create seasonings the PROPERCORN way.

So, go sweet with Sticky Fig & Sour Cherry or opt for a savoury Pesto and Parmesan- the choice is yours. You could see your flavour on supermarket shelves nationwide and win a lifetime’s supply of PROPERCORN.