Last Friday saw the streets of Soho transform from road to runway, as the Capital’s most stylish swarmed to Brewer Street Car Park for London Fashion Week AW16. The PROPERCORN team was out in full force – dressed in popcorn and pattern – keeping the fashion pack fuelled throughout the week. With the Happy Lunch in tow, the synergy between fashion and food was more apparent than ever before. For us, the two have always gone hand in hand; our association with the British Fashion Council, and role as the official snack of London Fashion Week, began nine seasons ago. Having a presence at both LFW and LCM has reinforced our desire to create a product which people are both proud to eat, and proud to hold.

In the same way that we look at fashion to inform and inspire our brand, food has inspired creativity amongst some of the world’s most prominent designers. In 2014, Anya Hindmarch explored beauty in the banal’ in her Counter Culture collection of Bourbon bags and Kellogg’s clutches: a nostalgic nod to our childhood. Hindmarch built a reputation on making quality handbags and used this series to communicate her desire to make the everyday extraordinary. Moschino made a cultural comment on our need for instant gratification through food and technology, creating a McDonald’s inspired collection of french-fry iPhone cases in garish reds and yellows. Whether you liked the concept or not, it kick started a conversation and took high fashion further than the FROW.

Karlie Kloss, who launched Karlie’s Kookies at Fashion’s Night Out in September 2012, has found another way to bring the worlds of food and fashion together. The supermodel has spurred on the culture of fashionable food: her Kookies’- which are reportedly delicious- embody health, indulgence and taste in a way that far exceeds a humble biscuit.

There is a creative pressure to produce food that does more than just fill us up or satisfy cravings. Food is now much more than just sustenance, and the expectations we hold it to are at an all time high.

While taste and flavour are essential, and food should always satisfy, we have begun to crave food that is responsibly sourced, low in calories, gluten-, dairy-, sugar-free, and that looks and tastes delicious. It has given brands the opportunity to create reputation and success beyond the product itself, and in order to be successful, they must offer something of genuine value. Companies like Vita Coco and Nakd are not only popular because they are healthy, but because consumers are happy to be seen holding them. It’s not quite akin to being seen holding a Celine clutch, but food is definitely on its way to becoming as fashionable.

Our product team sift through kernels of popped corn to guarantee an even spread of seasoning, our brand team execute events with immaculate precision, and our design team work tirelessly to create the most beautiful packaging possible, not to mention the unwavering diligence and hard work delivered by every other team in the business. It is through this attention to detail, from the planning and production, to the aesthetic, the colours, illustrations and patterns, that we seek to create a comment on the culture brewing within our team. We do not strive to be haute cuisine, in the same way certain brands will not venture into couture, but we do try to make an everyday product as good as it can possibly be – perhaps not extraordinary, but something close.