Over the past few months, the conversation on climate change has turned away from carbon emissions, and towards food and sustainability. An increasingly prevalent topic of discussion in the PROPERCORN office, the prospect of creating a holistically sustainable brand – from popcorn to packaging, production and people – is incredibly exciting and, this week in particular, we are gearing up to go for it.

The UK alone is responsible for wasting approximately 4.7 million tonnes of animal and vegetal waste per year, with Europe as a whole contributing 213 million. Confronted with these jaw-dropping statistics, we have decided to open our discussion on the future of food and see how we as a brand can start paving the way to an eco-friendlier future.

The debate is heated, and topic divisive, as we begin to call familiarity foolishness when it comes to the wasteful habits we have acquired as a country. Thanks to pioneers of the sustainability movement in the food and drink industry, and amplified by the power of the press, traction is being gained. Rubies in the Rubble, Chic P, and Ugly Drinks are amongst countless brands who are trying to create great tasting products with impact.

Rubies in the Rubble have begun to counter culture of extreme waste by taking surplus fruits and vegetables and turning them into delicious, handmade chutneys and jams. In a similar vein, Hannah McCollum sought to turn her love of creative cooking into something sustainable, and discovered Chic P ‘ punchy, healthy hummus made from discarded produce. Ugly Drinks are solving the sugar problem by creating a sugar and sweetener free, flavoured fizzy water, whilst striving towards being fully sustainable. Silo in Brighton, and Justin Horne’s recently-opened, Tiny Leaf, are examples of restaurateurs who prove that sustainability is not only achievable, but cool.

With these examples of environmentally and economically productive ventures, we can no longer claim ignorance on how possible it is to turn successful business into a sustainable one. We’re excited to join in the conversation, and hope you are too. Stay tuned on Twitter (the event will be Periscoped throughout) and Facebook for updates on our discussion on sustainability and the Future of Food.