It’s January 18th, also known as Blue Monday – the most depressing point of the year. To banish those winter blues, we’ve been busy mixing ingredients with renowned US nutritionist, Judith Wurtman PhD and the charming duo at Karma Cans, to create a mood-boosting lunch, which launches today 

Served with a bag of our new Smooth Peanut & Almond popcorn, we’ve combined delicious roasted corn, sweet potato noodles and an avocado salad with toasted buckwheat dukkah to help keep energy high. The warm meal contains carefully balanced nutrients that work to increase serotonin levels, essential in alleviating emotional stress.

Fad diets should be a thing of the past. According to Wurtman’s 30 years of research eating carbohydrates like sweet potato and popcorn can alleviate emotional stress and control cravings. Combining these with small portions of protein, from ingredients such as peanuts and pumpkin seeds can optimise serotonin production in the brain and lead to a happier state of mind 

Mid January is the right time for big conversations on what healthy eating means. Data from Ocado shows that we are most likely to give into temptation when our mood drops in the third week of the month, confronted by shorter days, empty pockets and unsustainable New Year regimes. Basket trends go from chicken breast, coconut water and kale to crisps, chocolate and wine almost overnight. Crisp sales dropped by 46% in the first week of this year, but were back to pre-Christmas levels by the third week of January”, explains Lucy Fry, Crisps and Snacks Buyer at Ocado.

PROPERCORN co-founder, Cassandra Stavrou, explains, We’ve never believed in unrealistic, short-term diets. Health and happiness go hand in hand, so we should take advantage of the fact that the right foods can give us energy and an emotional boost. When it comes to your health, everything should be done properly.

The prepared lunch is available to order from Karma Cans from Monday 18th January (London delivery only):