Setting up any new venture isn’t easy, but the difference between a good idea and a bad idea is those that do it and those that don’t.

When Cassandra started PROPERCORN she had to save as much money as possible, so moved back home and worked her fair share of questionable temp jobs. After popping the first few batches in her kitchen, she had to figure out who had the means to make great popcorn and how she could convince them to work with her.

She partnered with her good friend Ryan to launch PROPERCORN and started to build the vision that we continue to grow. We have had some invaluable mentors and partners along the way, who we still call on for advice and skills to this day 

With this in mind, we launched PROPERCORN Platform – a fast-paced learning environment and start-up fund. We want to bring more ideas to life 

This spring, we asked 16 to 24 year olds to send us their big idea. We’re now choosing the 25 most promising applicants to take part in a 2-day workshop, where they will receive training and advice from all members of our team in areas such as branding, product, sales and operations. 

It will end with a pitch session to a brilliant panel of experts, which include the brains behind Innocent, Boiler Room, Mixcloud and PROPERCORN. With submissions from Aberystwyth to Amsterdam and concepts ranging from tech based music apps to bathroom products that offer more choice, we’re excited to get started with these entrepreneurs. 

Winners will be offered a lifetime of mentorship and kick-start funding for their new creation.